Our interdisciplinary team in the fields of human medicine, pharmacy, biology and chemistry ensures the medical quality of our goods in cooperation with the manufacturers and through constant check-ups of the entire supply chain.

On the basis of the applicable legal regulations, guidelines and quality standards, we check all processes in our company and record them within SOPs. The foundation of that is, inter alia, the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and the GDP (Good Distribution Practice); the conformity of these are maintained by our producers, partners and us at all times. Through that the repeatability and testability of the active substance content (THC / CBD) is assured, which is the highest priority for us.

The integrated QMS (quality management system) is constantly being expanded and improved to meet the rapidly growing state of knowledge in research. To this end, we are in close partnership with doctors, pharmacies and specialists in Germany and throughout the world.


A continuous and reliable supply of cannabis of medical quality forms the foundation of every partnership with us. We care for our partners closely and their safety is our main value. Therefore we take questions concerning our products very seriously and we answer them in our quality circle.

Another aspect is our connection to patient groups and associations. The information, insights and feedback gained from our network strengthen our company.

A secure log-in area is available for doctors, pharmacists and specialist groups. You will find further information about our products here and you have the opportunity to ask questions.


The reliable care of patients in Germany has the highest priority for us. That’s why we set ourselves the goals of always having our products in stock and keeping their information up to date. For the qualification of our suppliers, we pay particular attention to the sufficient production capacities and we maintain adequate storage capacities in our company as well.

We deliver to every pharmacy in Germany within 48 hours*. In the log-in area, we also provide detailed product information both on the ingredients and current study results.

Being responsive at all times and providing information about our products to experts within the legal framework is a core aspect of our daily work. We would like to point out that we are not authorised to inform patients directly about our products. Please contact your doctor or pharmacist in confidence.


* Legal note 


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